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By Bruce Flanagan

This is a Simple Menu to help you Maintain your PC
by outlining the steps required for proper maintenance.

This Menu does not do the maintenance for you!
It merely guides you through the steps,
letting you do the actual maintenance.
This way you learn what has to be done next 
rather than some program doing it for you, 
and probably not as well as you can do it manually.
In time you will find that you no longer need to use this Menu.
That's OK with me! That's why I made it!
Or you may choose to keep using it because it makes maintenance easier.
That's OK too! That's why I made it!

Click here to download the Windows 9x
Maintenance Made Easy Menu.

Tested on Windows 98 Win98SE and Windows ME


The Windows XP version as been removed due to a lack of interest,
probably due to the lack of a need for such a tool in Windows XP.


I Hope you like it!

Note: If you do not download files from the internet
to the "My Documents" folder,
you will have to change this by clicking on the
"Change Recent Downloads" text button
at the bottom of the menu the first time you run the menu.

You only have to change this once,
unless you decide to start downloading to a different folder.

Come back to see further updates and functionality.

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This page was last updated on 06/03/2008