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Welcome to the Final Inspection page.

Here you can choose which version of "The Final Inspection" that you would like to view and or print.

I have setup three styles of the page.
You can click below to go to the version that you would like to see.
Use the Back Button on your browser to return here.

to print one of these,
 I have used the following margin settings with IE 5 and 6.
left and right margin set to .6" and top and bottom set to .8"

For the Sailor

For the Soldier

For the SeaBee


I in no way take credit for the Poem and I would love to know who the author is so that I can thank him {or her} for their work.

All I have done is adjust some of the formatting and added backgrounds.

If you know the author please let me know!
My e-mail address is