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lots of free tools, toys, and more!
Pssst, Don't tell anyone, but Wavs are rollin' in!

Don't go any ware or download anything before reading this!
Yes that is an intentional miss-spelling of anywhere.

Cool Tools
fun toys and goodies
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Featured Downloads

Maintenance Made Easy!
Maintenance Menu
Click here to find out more!

Need a simple and affordable check book program
or a simple way to print envelopes on your PC?
Be sure to check out what dataware has to offer.


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Setup File
 or Self Extracting Zip File
Zipped Icons

Zipped File
JPG Image

JPG Image
GIF image

GIF Image

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a note to the suppliers of these great programs







Tools and Utilities


Maintenance Menu

Helps you perform maintenance
on Windows 98 and ME.
Click here to find out more.


Aids in the editing of special
 folder or file locations.


Unzipping tool that's 
free, fast and easy to use.
Unzip only, 
but great for Win 9x users on a budget.
{no longer needed if you have Win XP}

Turn your screensaver on/off
or temporarily disable your screen saver
by placing your mouse in corners of your screen.

Easily change many hidden things in
Windows 98 and ME and XP
A must have for any power user!


See what's running in the background
and close unneeded apps. {Win 9x only}
You can even create scripts to close multiple apps with the click of an icon.

MS Process Explorer XP.exe

See what's running in the background
and close unneeded apps. {Win XP}
More info about running apps than most viewers.



Have you ever put "sticky notes" on your pc monitor to remind you to do something important? Have you ever had these notes fall off and get lost or forgotten?

Well this small tool lets you put notes on your desktop without that sticky residue,
and there's no chance of these notes falling off or getting lost.
You can change the color, font, transparency level and even set alarms,
or hide your notes until a specific day or date or time.


Clean Screen.exe

A simple tool I setup to help you clean your monitor.
Sometimes it's easier to see dirt on a black or white or best of all a green screen. This tool lets you move between colored screens to show the dirt you thought you got. It also helps you see dead pixels on an LCD monitor.





I finally got my soundcard tweaked just the way I like it!
The program I just launched reset everything!
Now I have to start all over again #$%#@$%!.

Now you can save and restore audio settings quickly and easily. So if a program or crash messes up your "perfect" audio settings,
You can "re tune" your setting with a single click.
You can also save multiple different settings for different situations. For example, everyday using your Desktop speakers, another one for when you hook up to your home stereo, another one for when you have guests etc...


View and even edit the ID3 tags
of MP3s from Windows Explorer.
Right click an MP3 and you'll have an extra tab for viewing and editing the ID3 tag. This tool can also change the icon for each MP3 based on its bitrate, so you can see what quality the MP3 is at a glance.


Rip CDs to wav, MP3 or other formats
Free and easy to use.
I wanted to embellish a bit, but what else can I say?

Oh, did I mention it's free?


Winamp is my favorite MP3 player.
This feature rich player is compact and very customizable.
It also plays many other multimedia files,
and streaming audio and video.

Duplicate File Finder DupSetup.exe

Trying to conserve space?
Tired of hearing the same song more than once?
Duplicate File Finder will search your music collection and lets you remove duplicate files.
Can be used for any file type, but is most useful for music and images since you are more likely to have the same song or image in more than one folder.
You choose what to remove and where to move it to.
Move to another folder, recycle bin, or delete forever, it's your choice!
Here's a sample of what it found for me.

IrfanView - Freeware Graphic Viewer

Irfanview is the absolute Best image viewer!
And it's Free!

You can view almost any image out there even CAD files with a free plug-in! You can even do some image editing, file conversion, extract icons from EXE and DLL files, even convert text files into images.

Far too many features for me to mention here, but I wouldn't even mention it here if I didn't use it and love it!

I've used this program for many years, and I am amazed that it is still free! I highly recommend donating if you enjoy it as much as I do.

Auto Stitch

Sure, your digital camera might offer "panorama" pictures.
Many just "crop" the picture you take to make it look like a panorama. Others try to splice individual pictures together with some tedious software and leave you with an image that you would never share, much less print.
AutoStitch from UBC does a great job of "stitching" your individual photos together both horizontally and vertically.
I haven't seen a better tool yet for this task and it is still free!
Here is a sample using 5 individual photos of mine.
But it can do much more!

internet Tools

Firefox Web Browser (link)

The new king of the web.
What Internet Explorer wants to be!
A must have!

This older version is more stable for Win 9x users,
but try the newest version below.

The Best firewall available!
It even has a packet viewer.

Sygate Persona
l Firewall 5.6
This is the most recent version, and unfortunately the last free version of this great firewall.
Sygate has discontinued offering a free version of there firewall.
If I wasn't so cheap, I'd pay for it!


Free remote PC administration
Great for home-LAN or long distance.

For even more VNC options and features
check out Ultra VNC

Set your computer to the atomic
time from one of several time servers.
Great for Win 9x users, especially those who have problems with time losses or gains due to over-clocking or RTC errors.


Check P3

The best e-mail checker / announcer
that I have ever used!
And its still Free!

This tool checks to see if you have new mail and lets you know if you do in several ways, including sys tray icon flash, popup window, wav file alerts and / or MS Agent characters with individual "scripts" for each mail account.

Check P3 has been around for many years, but it's still the best in my opinion.
No nags, no spyware, no ads, no bloat.


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack

Ok. This is an internet tool and a multimedia tool.
Have you ever downloaded a video from the internet and found out that you couldn't view it with Media Player?

Don't install yet another new video player to play this one type of movie or audio file. K-Lite Mega Pack has all of the codecs needed to play almost any video or audio file with Windows Media Player, or your favorite Media Player. Plus it's free!



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Toys and Pranks



Cute little sheep 
wanders your desktop.


Cute little cat
wanders your desktop.


Play pool on your PC.
Lots of fun, several games.




A cute and harmless


Mickey shares his feelings
about Mondays.


Message Mates
Screen Mates

Lots of cute little animations.

RJL Software 
Pranks and gags

Many more pranks and gags plus some handy tools

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Images and Icons for Download


JPG Image

JPG Image
{Smaller version}

GIF image

Click here 
for some Icon gifs

Icon Zips

Zipped Icons
Drive  icons

Zipped Icons
folder icons

Zipped Icons
file icons

Zipped Icons
More icons



Zipped Icons
pirch icons

Zipped Icons
winamp icons

Zipped Icons
Horse Icons

Zipped Icons
all of these icons


Icon images

blank-page.gif desctopicon.gif desctopicon2.gif desctopicon3.gif folder.gif folder-tree.gif gif.gif html.gif image-fldr.gif Info2.gif
info-fldr.gif info-fldr2.gif install2.gif install-fldr.gif JPG.gif m3u.gif M3U-file.gif M3U-file2.gif midi-file.gif MIDIFLDR.gif
moviefile.gif multimedia-fldr.gif PICFLDR.gif Pirch-fldr.gif pirch-icons.gif toys-fldr.gif updateicon.gif utility-fldr.gif WApls-file.gif wav-file.gif
wav-file2.gif wavs-fldr.gif winamp.gif winamp2.gif winamp-file.gif Winamp-fldr.gif WORDPAD.gif WSZ-file1.gif WSZ-file2.gif Zip-doc.gif
zip-file.gif zipped.gif zipped2.gif

These images are a sampling of the icons that I offer on this page
if you would like to save any of these images for your own use,
right click on the image you want to keep
and choose "save image as"
then choose a place to save the image to on your hard drive.

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Our New Wav File Collection

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To the Authors

I am posting these downloads for the convenience of our guests,
and only because I love the programs so much.
If anyone would prefer that I did not include these files,
then please let me know and I will remove them,
and / or link to your page or site which ever you prefer.

the editor can be contacted by e-mail Click Here.

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By downloading anything or visiting any links provided here, 
you are doing so with full knowledge that the files or links may or may not be the sole property of 
We cannot guarantee that any file or link to external parties will do no harm. Unlike some other sites that tell you that the software they offer is completely safe, I can only promise that what I uploaded is safe and virus free and I use it myself. I can't guarantee that nothing happens during the download process and neither should other sites. You should take every precaution before installing any software from this site or any other site on the internet even if it is shared from a good friend. 

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