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I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of the flan4u team.

Here he is, what do you think!

Howdy! I'm Ben!
If you think this is cute, check out his photo album by clicking here.
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What did you Expect?

His name is Ben and he has a Superior background.
{His name is Ben because he had little "rat feet" (as in the movie "Ben") when we found him when he was about 3 days old.}
{and he was rescued from behind Superior Homes Inc. in Lancaster PA}

He is excellent at intruder detection.
{He can detect mice or other unseen "critters" even before they get in the house.}

His observational skills are outstanding.
{He spends hours sitting on the window sill watching birds and trying to get them even though he knows he can't.}

He has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.
{He's a cat! So of course he's curious. Duh!
:<) }

He goes above and beyond the call of duty.
{He has a tendency to climb the curtains and walls and the occasional person!}

His energy seems to be contagious.
{Our two older cats are unable to keep up with him, or get away from him depending on the circumstances But boy are they fast now! :< }

He has an aptitude for motivating others in his team.
{He's so cute we have spoiled him terribly and we allow him to do things that we never let the others do before. He Made us do it!}

His comedic nature brings a surely needed relief to this team.
{He does some of the funniest things, you can't help but laugh no matter how bad you feel.}

Above all else his personality makes it almost impossible for people not to adore him!
{One look at him and his mischievous nature is very clear but you gotta love him!}


Thanks for checking out our newest member.

Click here to visit Ben's Photo Album
{We think he is extremely "photogenic" so there are lots of pictures
 so this may take awhile, but we think he's worth the wait
:<) }

Click here to download a slideshow of Ben's first five months
{15.4mb application and Requires Windows}

Ben has opened a plowing business
I thinks it's because he doesn't like the snow and he just wants to push it around.
See for yourself.

Ben has gotten pretty big since we got him
I think he might be part Tiger or something
Check out the big boy now.

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This page was last updated on Tuesday, November 06, 2007