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I'm a Flanagan and I'm here for you!

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I'm here for you!

In Memory of my twin daughters
In memory of my twin daughters


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My Photo Gallery

Here I will be sharing some of my favorite photographs and experiences.
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Support our troops.

Never forget those that have fallen fighting for  your right to live free.

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It's not just for Flanagan's anymore!

What? Changes? Where?
The forum is growing and changing for the better I hope.
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I Added a new section just for cell phones.
I offer free ringtones and free wallpapers.

Before connecting with your cell phone, see what I have to offer by
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I added a new Wav Files section to the downloads page.
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Thanks for all of the support folks!
We are here for you!


Here are some photos that I took at 
Glen Foerd 
in Northeast Philadelphia PA.
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Birds of PA


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Dot-Coms around the world are suffering every day.

Only you can help!
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to see how you can help save not just one, but many starving dot-coms.
Minutes a day, can make a difference in the life of a suffering dot-com, won't you help today?

I in no way mean to disparage the works of Sally Struthers
or imply anything beyond this links comic value.
I just had to share this link with all of you :<)  

Other links of interest Archives & other stuff

Camping Trips
2005 - Present

a poem by me called

Ever seen a Model T?
pulling a camper?

Click here

The story of a very stormy night and the surprising  friendships made that night.
See for yourself
It's so touching.

For the Sea-Bees
out there
Final Inspection

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